DERMOS: Extensions of an Identity


Whoever loses his attire loses his face, his dignity. He loses himself.” H. Plessner

This collection, “Dermos,” is named after the Greek denomination of skin: derma.

The collection is based on a reflection of what clothing and fashion means to humans. Clothes are a sign of identity, of differentiation, by which we express ourselves and communicate, and without them would be incomplete.

This, therefore, we could say, fulfills the function of “second skin” (hence the name of the collection). It is another “organ” of our body which performs functions of communication and also of identity. We could compare the relationship between clothing and individuals to fingerprints, which are very similar to each other but never the same. This happens similarly to human beings and the way they dress: The dress, along with the person wearing it, converge in an unique combination of authenticity and individuality.

This collection is also based and inspired by the investigations made for the Art Project “Second Skin: Scraps of the Contemporary Individual”.

In January 2016, this collection was awarded with the prize of “Best Young Designer of Madrid City” (Mejor Diseñador Joven de la Ciudad de Madrid) given by the association ANDE (Asociación de Nuevos y Jóvenes Diseñadores Españoles, Association of Young and New Designers of Spain) and was one of the finalist in the National Contest for Young Spanish Designers in April 2016.