Genesis (def.) Suffix element of Greek origin that enters in the formation of feminine names with the meaning of “origin”, “beginning” or “generation process”.

Starting with artistic references attached to the Land Art movement such as Ana Mendieta or Robert Smithson, and other artists such as Magdalena Abakanowicz, Alberto Burri, or Doris Salcedo, this collection aims to delve into the origins of the matter, in the construction through deconstruction, in the mixture of elements apparently opposed that draws from the chaos to finally converge shaping an image with entity and sense by itself.

Mixing textures and fabrics of natures as different as a sackcloth or a silk organza, and by studying how these materials work together, I try to create this cohesion of the reconstructed image coming from deconstruction.

I also help myself in this research of the image’s cohesion, with versatile designs that in the same garment have the possibility of adopting different positions, forms and shapes.